Is CS still a sexy job market?

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There’s some concern these days about the job market in technology fields. But Computer Science students certainly have something to smile about. Computer software engineers ranked #1 of 50 on CNN’s list of best jobs in America.

With an average salary of $80,427 per year, software engineering is the second fastest growing field on the list, with almost 1.2 million jobs expected to be available by 2014. That’s a growth rate of 46.07 percent over the 10 years, or an additional 44,770 new jobs in the field per year.

Additionally, computer/IT analysts ranked seventh on the list. Paying on average $83,247 per year, that field is growing at a rate of 36.10 percent, making it the seventh fastest growing field on the list. The number of jobs for an analyst is expected to jump to nearly 2 million by 2014, an increase of over 67,000 jobs per year.

MONEY magazine, with, rated the jobs based on a variety of factors. The magazine collected data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and chose positions that had an above-average growth rate over 10 years and required at least a bachelor’s degree. Positions were also rated on stress levels, flexibility in hours and working environment, creativity and ease of advancing in the field.

(courtesy UIUC)

Computing companies are well-represented in’s list of the best overall companies to work for:
1. Google
2. Quicken Loans
6. Cisco Systems
8. Qualcomm

Many tech companies offer interesting and unusual perks: eBay, Quicken Loans, Google, Microsoft

These computing companies rank among CNNMoney’s top-paying overall companies: Adobe, Cisco, Network Appliance, eBay, Texas Instruments, Yahoo!, SAS Institute, Google


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