Programming languages

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Although most computer scientists and programmers consider programming languages to be mere tools, someone has to create the languages!  Programming language design is about pushing the limits of what languages can represent as succinctly as possible, about finding ways to help programmers make fewer mistakes, about taking advantage of advances in hardware… and so much more.

We use Java in 142 for a number of reasons, but it’s not the only language there is.

For a humorous look at around 1200 of the languages out there, check out 99 bottles of beer written in each of them.

You might be interested in an illustrated list with links of a few of the commonly used or historically important languages.

There’s also a timeline which shows how over 50 popular languages are related to each other — Java borrows from many of them.

All these languages may seem overwhelming, but it’s not like going from Chinese to Spanish.  The cool thing here is that once you know the concepts of programming, you’ll be able to look at programs in many different languages and understand what’s going on.


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